Best Free Graphic Design Software for Windows and Mac

Graphic Designing as we know it is a booming platform. As it is a booming platform people are getting quite attracted as well as attached to it. The most basic things that you need for Graphic Designing are a Laptop/Desktop with high specifications and good designing software. The laptop/desktop is quite manageable but the problem arises with the best free graphic design software. Good software doesn’t come cheap and most good graphic designing software’s are quite expensive. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make good designs. There are lots of software’s that will help you in this matter. But Identifying these software is the real deal.

Well, as you are reading this post on Best Free Graphic Design Software For windows and mac, you can understand what its sole purpose is. I have comprised a list of some of the best free graphic design software. If you don’t have big bucks to spend on good graphic designing software then you can use these and create a masterpiece. Well, let’s skip the small talk and move on to the list.

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Graphic Design Software for Windows and Mac:

The list has been provided below. So do check this out accordingly.


Inkscape is one of the best free graphic design software that you need to have on your PC if Graphic Designing in on your mind. What do you expect from a good designing tool? Powerful Text Tools, Flexible Drawing Tools, Bezier Curves, etc. features are some of the major features of Inkscape.

Well, this is mainly available for Windows and Linux. For Mac it’s available too but you need a bit of techy if you want to use it on your Apple Systems. Well, Click here and download this software check it out for yourself.

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Suppose that you are thinking you need to be quite good at Graphic Designing for using this software then you are quite wrong. Even if you are a novice you would be able to use this best designing software quite easily. You might not be able to make good designs at first but with a practice you ought to get better at it.

Lots of advanced features a have been added to it and this makes it quite easier for everyone. Some of these features are 3D sculpting and 3D painting.  For more information and to download the software just Click Here.


Quick to learn and Easy to use is what Vectr offers you. There is lots of free graphic designing software for Mac and Windows and among those this stand out as one of the best. Well, you can download this software for free from Here, but if you are not interested in downloading it then you can use it online.

Yes! You read it right! For using it online all that you need to do is sign up for free and that’s it. Just like other similar software’s it too has some advanced features. Why don’t you check it out and decide whether it’s worth your time or not?


Well, just as a blender blends everything that you put inside. The same way this software blends everything idea that use in it to create a masterpiece. People from all spheres of life are interested in using this free graphic designing software.

Given the usefulness of this software, why won’t they want to use? Some advanced features like Fast Rigging, Realistic Material, Photorealistic rendering etc. is what separates this software from the herd of ordinary software. To download the software just Click Here. Well, you can even gather more information before downloading this software.


This is one of the best graphics designing tools for windows. Well, not just Windows you can use this on your MAC systems too. The specialty of this tool is that it lets you reproduce your vector designs quite easily. You would be mesmerized by this designing tool as this will help you in producing masterpieces after masterpieces.

It is actually a fast and server based drawing editor that has been built on JavaScript, HTML5, etc. Not to mention that this has tons of advanced features and works on all browsers. This may sound a bit complicated, why don’t you Click Here and check out this site?


If you have been looking for free graphics designing software that will provide you some innovative features along with common features, then Krita is the one you should choose. This free graphic designing tool has been designed keeping VFX industry, illustrators and concept artists in mind.

The developers of this tool took around 10 years to make this and it was a huge success after its release. Using this software is quite easy too and especially professionals would love to work using with this tool. Download this software from Here now!

This tool is basically an alternate version of the paint available on Windows. Well, don’t get disheartened as it is way more capable than the paint which is available on Windows. The tool mainly focuses on rather than artistic designs. There are abundant features on this designing tool. Among them the best feature is that you can easily create blend perspective.

You will get a clearer picture after visiting the site. Click Here to visit now. The user interface of this site is not that attractive or special but don’t let it put you off. This tool is regarded as one among the best tools for graphic designing.

Final Word:

So these are some of the best free graphic design software for Windows and Mac. But among these some might not run windows and some might not on Mac. But don’t get disheartened as there are many other tools that you can use. Apart from the apps mentioned here there are other apps too that offers similar kind of features. We recommend that you refrain from using those other apps and use the apps mentioned here. Hope that this information was helpful to you. Regarding any queries do comment below.

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