Are You a iOS User? Telegram Is On The Way to Launch Emoji Reaction Features For You

Telegram is reportedly developing a feature called “message reactions” that allows users to express emotions using emojis. This Telegram emoji reaction feature is currently available in the Beta version of Telegram iOS. Soon, the same feature will be available for Android users. Telegram users will be able to use this feature to send different emoticons in response to messages received on the app.

Telegram has added 11 Telegram Emoji to its app. These include thumbs up, thumbs downward, and heart. Users can also see dynamic animations when an emoji has been selected.

Users will be able to choose from thumbs up, thumbs downward, red heart and fire emojis

Reddit posted about the testing of Telegram’s iOS platform emoji responses. This feature allows users to choose an emoji to respond to Telegram messages or posts. Reddit users can choose from a variety of Emojis, including thumbs up, thumbs downward, red heart and fire.

You can see the emoji responses as animated small-scale animations in chat. Users will be able to click on a message in group chats and Telegram channels to see the reactions of others to that message. Administrators of groups can also disable the emoji feature and allow a restricted number of reaction emoticons.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Messenger allow users to respond to messages by using emoji reactions. Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp may also be working on message responses.

Telegram has recently added new features to its latest update, including Protected Content and QR and Call Based Login. Telegram stated in a blog post that users can now delete messages from certain dates, manage their connected devices and log in via telephone calls. The new update allows channel and group admins to control the flow content in group chats. This includes limiting members’ ability to save or share content outside of the group.

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