Rumors Revealed That Apple is working on the most advanced chips for its unannounced AR/VR headset

Apple is developing the best chips for its unannounced AR/VR headphone. A new report claims that Apple has now hired Andrea Schubert as the communications lead for Meta’s Augmented Reality (AR).
Mark Gurman, the editor of Power On, stated that Apple is expanding its marketing team to handle the launch of the new hardware. Apple Insider reports that Andrea Schubert, the Communications and Public Relations Head for AR at Meta is part of this hiring.

According to recent rumors, the headset will be equipped with multiple 3D sensing modules that are highly sensitive and can provide innovative hand tracking.

Structured light sensors are able to detect objects in the hands. This is similar to Face ID’s ability to recognize facial expressions and generate Animoji.

The headset will be used to focus on communication, media consumption and gaming.

It will be equipped with two processors: one with the same computing power as M1 and another with lower processing power to process input from different sensors.
At least six-eight optical modules may be included in the headset to provide continuous video-through AR services. Sony claims that the headset will feature two OLED microdisplays in 4K resolution.

The Apple headset is similar to the Oculus Quest and prototypes are being tested with external cameras that enable AR features.

It could include at least 15 camera modules and eye-tracking. It could also be equipped with iris recognition. The price range is between $2,000 to $3,000.

AR headsets are expected to be sleek and lightweight, allowing for long-term mobility.

The device is expected to have a high resolution display that allows users to see other people while reading small pieces of text.

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