All Aircel USSD Codes List Check Aircel Balance, Net Balance (2G/3G/4G) Loan Code

Aircel is one of the most popular mobile networks in India. And if you a user of Aircel then you must need to know all the useful Aircel USSD codes. Because it helps the users to know about the current status and offer on the go, which is far better over voice calling. To know your Aircel balance with USSD codes, then it is very simple, just dial the special codes for it and you are good to know your Aircel balance and other stuff. And this is why USSD codes also known as “Quick Code,” because it makes everything quicker to know Aircel offers, Internet Balance or 2G/3G/4G balance, USSD code of Aircel Loan code etc.

However, USSD is the abbreviation of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. So, it is meant to provide all service related information. But why? When you can simply dial a number for all information instead if USSD codes. Well, whenever you call to the customer care number, you will need to follow one by one number sensitive menu. And it would take time ridiculously, so, if you know all the Aircel USSD codes you can just dial it and data will be shown on the go. Even in the crowd area, you won’t find it is convenient to call for service related information.

So, it always wise to know all the important USSD codes and check all service related info instantly. As a user of Aircel, here is the full list of Aircel USSD code 2017. These quick codes are updated and you will be happy to check top offers, the internet offers, balance check and much more with it. So, let us get into the All Aircel USSD Codes of 2017 Updated List and find your desire codes of Aircel.

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All Aircel USSD Codes 2017 Updated List for Service Info on The Go

With 5.56% market share in India, Aircel is the 5th largest mobile operator. So, these USSD codes are for those Aircel users, who wants know get information from Aircel without voice calls. But before we talk about all USSD codes for Aircel let us know how to use these codes to get the instant service info.

How to use Aircel all USSD Codes 2017?

USSD is a special dial number that reflects on your screen after dial. Suppose if you want to know Aircel 4G data balance then you will need to know Aircel 4G USSD code and dial it from your device. But note that if you have dual SIM supported device then you will need to dial from your Aircel SIM only. Because every service provider has its own special USSD codes, which usually doesn’t match with each other. So, if you want to dial these code, you will need an Aircel subscription in your device.

To make use of these USSD codes juts enter the code on your phone dialer and press call. Your queries would be on your device screen within no time. So, basically, you will need to know all of the USSD codes of Aircel.

But as every service provider has many Value Added Services, many service information, special offers and much more. There is a vast list of USSD codes for Aircel as well, so it would not be easy to remind all of them. Also, most of the USSD codes are nearly similar it makes harder to remember. Hence, it is suggested to bookmark this page so that when you forget any USSD code, you can directly access from here. And also, Aircel keep changing there USSD codes timely, I will be updating all USSD codes for Aircel on this page. So, make sure to follow up this page by bookmarking this post. Now, without wasting much time let us show you up all USSD codes of Aircel 2017 updated list.

All Aircel USSD Codes Updated List of 2017:

Service Information Aircel USSD Code
Check Aircel Main or Call Balance *111*4# or *125# or *127#
Aircel Special Offers and Deals *789#
One Day SMS Pack *121*8#
Check 2G Balance *301# or *126*1# or *126*4# or *133# or *111*10#
Check Aircel 4G Data Balance *111*9#
Check Rate Cutter Offer *122# or dial 1215
For Aircel Loan *414# or send LOAN to 55414
Check Aircel 3G Data Balance *111*9#
Transfer Main Balance to an Aircel Number *121*666#
Check Free SMS Balance and Validity *126*2#
Aircel Recharge USSD Code *124*<16 Digit Recharge codes>#
IMIS NO *2# or *222# or *214#
Check Your Aircel Number *1# or dial *131#
Aircel Call Rate Cutter USSD Code *122#
Activate Do Not Disturb Send START DND to 1909
Deactivate Do Not Disturb Send STOP DND to 1909
Check Aircel STD Packs *121*1*1#
Check Remaining Aircel Minute Balance *123#
Check Aircel Free Minute Balance *126*9#
Check Aircel Internet Balance *301# or *126*1# or *123*4#
Activate Aircel 3G Service Send “START 3G” to 121
Aircel 3G Internet *122*456# or 122*5*1#
For Roaming Recharge USSD Code *121*909#
Aircel Special Night Combo *121*11#
Get Aircel Loan Service *414# or *121*9#
Main Balance Validity Check *125#

So, these were all Aircel USSD Codes 2017 updated list for all Aircel users. I will now easier to check all service information with your Aircel SIM or device. Now, you just need to dial these Aircel USSD codes and dial, hence you all queries would be right on your device screen.

Important Aircel USSD Codes for All Aircel Users:

Despite everything, there some important useful USSD codes for Aircel subscribers, which you will be using most of the time. Main balance check, internet check, and top offers check are frequently used USSD for all users. Hence, find some important number and USSD codes if you are an Aircel user.

Customer Care or Complaint Number: 198

Main Balance Check: *125#

Aircel Recharge USSD: *124*<16 Digit Recharge codes>#

For Aircel Loan: *414# or send LOAN to 55414

For an Aircel user, these Aircel all in one USSD codes will share many helpful information regarding its service. Now without dialing voice call for any information just dial these Aircel codes and get service data within no time. All of these Aircel USSD codes are updated, so you will not get invalid notification from it. Let me know if you know more USSD codes of Aircel by commenting down below and comment if you have USSD related queries, I will be happy to come with all information that you want.

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