Upcoming New Nokia C and G-series smartphones release announcement at CES 2022

HMD Global’s announcement regarding the likely show CES 2022 show is about the most significant US growth since the company began producing Nokia-branded phones in the year 2016. The Finnish company launching five new smartphones — all of which are budget phones that cost less than $250 however, they’re also unveiling two significant new wireless alliances in conjunction with Dish as well as Consumer Cellular. The phones might perhaps not appear to be among the top interesting models however the intention is evident. HMD sees a chance to increase its US business and will roll it all out by 2022.

The market for low-cost phones across the US is currently quite competitive, with companies like Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus all offering low-cost models that perform the task without a lot of bells and bells. But, HMD Global is going to compete with them by launching the low-cost 5G-equipped Nokia G400, as well as three 4G models, C100, C200, and G100. Like every year, there’s the feature phone to add some spice — The Nokia 2760 Flip, which is part of the company’s Originals collection is a dose full of flipping nostalgic.

HMD states that it’s “captured its market share away from certain of the industry’s most established companies” in the past six months and is keen to maintain that momentum. The new alliances together with Dish Wireless and Consumer Cellular will increase the visibility and coverage of the Nokia range, in addition to the existing deals that include T-Mobile as well as TracFone. There aren’t many specifics on the new Nokia phones in terms of specifications however availability and price information is available below. More details will be announced closer to time of launch.

  • Nokia 2760 flip 4G features phone available in Q1 -$79
  • Nokia C100 4G –available Q1 — $99
  • Nokia C200 4G available in Q2 -$119
  • Nokia G100 4G — available in Q2 -$149
  • Nokia G400 5G — available in Q2 -$ 239

As you’d expect, they’re pricey, and we’ll not know exactly the exact price until we see the full specifications. We’ll provide more details once we’ve got the specs. Our most current Nokia device we’ve reviewed an amazingly tablet perhaps more importantly, the T20 is quite good.

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