How To Fix a 400 Bad Request Error Message? [solved]

A 400 Bad Request error is web based error which generally occurs when the server is unable to understand a request to display any page or web data but the search gets corrupted or turns in to incorrect search term.  This isn’t a common error and so it quite hard to get past this error. What makes it more hard is the fact that, this error occurs in different names on different websites. So here is a list of possible error that might pop up which represent the 400 bad request error.

If you are facing this error that could occur on different websites representing the 400 Bad Request Error. You will now need to know how to fix 400 bad request error. Here you have a list of methods which you can use to fix the 400 bad request error.

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8 Simple ways to fix a 400 Bad Request Error:

There are different ways to fix the 400 Bad Request Error, we have tried out all the possible solution which works for OS like MacOs and Windows. So, you can be sure that, any OS or browser you may use, you can solve the issue easily. These methods are really simple and are also a series of solution that can help you get rid of any possible reason why you are facing the 400 bad request error.

Method 1:

The first methods involves clearing your browser cookies. So the very first thing that you will need to do is clear your browser cookies as the website request that you might be trying to process has a corrupted or old cookies.

Method 2:

The simple reason why you would get this error is because you are searching doesn’t exist or is corrupted. So if you face the error after directly proving an address then you should check whether the link is valid or not.

Method 3:

The next thing that you will need to do is flush your DNS cache. To do that, you will need to type in ipconfig/flushdns in command prompt and press enter to process the request. Clearing the DNS cache will remove all the bad and corrupted DNS address cache that might have caused the 400 bad request error.

Method 4:

The next thing that you can try is clearing your browser cache. Clearing the DNS cache and browser cache isn’t the same, so take note to clear both simultaneously.

Method 5:

Try doing a Trouble Shoot for the problem, this will bring out all the possible reasons for the error and also can be solved from the Troubleshoot itself. So go ahead and try the troubleshoot option to fix a 400 bad request error.

Method 6:

If you are facing this problem when you are try to upload a file the most possible reason would be due to file itself. The error might occur if the file is too large for the server to handle at once. This can also occur as a timeout error if the file is large and the serve loses connection with uploading file due to network error or any other possible issue.

Method 7:

If you are uploading a file to the server or trying to get access to registration etc and you end up facing this error, you will need to check your internet connection beforehand. Having a slow internet connection or a no connection at all is the possible reason for the 400 bad request error.

Method 8:

If you find all the above solution isn’t working for you, then you probably have to just restart your browser. The error can also occur if the serve that the request is trying to get access to isn’t working properly. In such cases, all you have to do is revisit the page some other time and check whether you are still facing the problem.

If the problem persists, it can be due to the page issue, which you will can solve by contacting the website owner.

Different error which represents the 400 Bad Request Error:

If you see any of the error titles mentioned below, you are simply looking at the 400 bad request error. Let’s have a look and understand the error which can popup for a bad request.

  1. Bad Request- Invalid URL.
  2. 400 Bad Request.
  3. Bad Request: Error 400.
  4. 400: Bad Request. The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client should not repeat the request without modification.
  5. Bad Request- Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
  6. HTTP Error 400- Bad Request.
  7. HTTP Error 400. The Request Hostname is Invalid.
  8. Bad Request- Invalid URL.


So these were the most possible solution on how to fix 400 bad request error. And with the possible error forms that I have mentioned above, you will simply need to follow the methods above to fix the 400 bad request error.

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